Home - Can we direct an employee to undergo a medical examination?
October 17, 2019 on chapter Ill or injured employees

An employee of our company is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, and is on restricted duties and hours. We have had a number of medicals done through the workers’ compensation insurer but due to privacy, they are unable to send us the full reports. The limited information we have received is insufficient for us to make any informed decisions. To assist with this, we would like to send the employee for a medical, including drug and alcohol screening, at our cost. Are we able to do this?

If you have legitimate concerns that an employee’s injury may cause a health and safety risk to themselves or other workers, and the medical information you have so far is insufficient for you to be able to assess that risk, then yes you are able to direct your employee to attend a medical examination at your expense, or to provide you with proper evidence of their fitness to work. We suggest setting out this request in writing and asking for the employee’s consent.


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