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February 02, 2021

Question from Daniel Winnel ([email protected])

I have a question as to what constitutes being nominated as a First Aider. Under the Security Services Industry Award (MA000016) a Security Officer is entitled to a First Aid allowance if they are a nominated first aider.
In our Contract Management Plan in the WHS section there is a paragraph that includes:
“Offer medical assistance whenever and wherever they observe a person who they believe requires such attention. Assistance offered may be either in the form of First Aid (to the level of their training) or the summoning of professional medical services such as the ambulance service.”
Does this constitute the Security Officers being “nominated” as First Aiders?

Hi Daniel

My apologies for the delay getting back to you.

‘Nomination’ is not defined in the Security Services Industry Award (SSI Award), however, generally it will be constituted by an explicit agreement between an employer and employee that the employee perform the role of First Aider.

The best way to nominate a First Aider is by documenting their nomination in writing, setting out the duration and other details of the appointment (i.e. have the employee fill out a First Aider nomination form).  There is nothing in the SSI Award preventing a nomination by verbal agreement, however if you can document the arrangement in writing this is the better approach.

If you nominate a First Aider, you should ensure that the employee holds a nationally recognised First Aid certification issued by a Registered Training Organisation that satisfies clause 17.2(i) of the SSI Award.  The employee may need to undertake additional training to refresh their knowledge and skills and keep their certification up to date.

For more information on first aid in the workplace, we recommend visiting the SafeWork website: https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/safety-starts-here/safety-overview/first-aid-in-the-workplace

Kind regards

Ella Clements