April 16, 2021

When using the Electrical Award MA000025 is there any way around employing a 17 year old for labour only tasks (nothing electrical related) without having to pay the adult or Apprentice rate? Is it possible to employ him using a different award or do we have to use the Electrical Award and pay the Adult rate?

Dear Heidi,

Unfortunately, it is beyond the scope of the Help Desk service to provide advice on award classification. However, we can help clarify the law.

Under the awards, there are classification definitions to help ensure employees are paid the correct hourly rate. For example, under the Electrical Award, a labourer can be classified as an Electrical worker grade 1 if they are doing labouring work and employed as such.

Should you wish for specific advice on this query, Hannah Dunai, Senior Associate at Holding Redlich is available on a commercial basis at [email protected]

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