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February 04, 2021

Question from Maxine Barr ([email protected])

We are a small business (6 employees) and one of our staff has just informed us that she is pregnant. I have read through the PPL scheme, but I was wondering if our company is obliged to pay paid maternity leave in addition to this, and if so, how many weeks? Your help is appreciated

Hi Maxine

You must provide the government funded PPL to employees who qualify for the scheme – if the employee is eligible, the federal Government will make a payment to you to pass on to the employee.

Employers can choose whether or not they have an employer-funded paid parental leave arrangement.  This would operate in addition to the government PPL scheme and may be provided via a workplace policy, the employment contract or an enterprise agreement. Employer-funded paid parental leave is not mandatory.

Kind regards

Ella Clements