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May 27, 2021

Question from Michelle Forsyth ([email protected])

is it possible to employ someone on a casual or part time basis for only 8 -16 hours per quarter?
We are in the building and construction industry

Hi Michelle,

Engaging someone as a part-time employee renders his/her employment as permanent and regular working hours each week will be stipulated into their contract.

However, the scenario you have described suggests that the nature of employment will be intermittent, rather than permanent.  Generally speaking, casual employment is most appropriate when a business is seeking to employ a person with no firm advance commitment to an ongoing, agreed pattern of work.  Casual employment operates as a series of individual engagements, where each engagement involves a separate period of employment that starts at the beginning of, and ends at the conclusion of, each shift.

For more information on casual employment arrangements, I recommend that you refer to the ‘Casual Employment’ resources in the Portner Handbook.

Kind regards,

Matthew Gough