Home - Can we limit workers from accessing the web on their smart phones?
April 27, 2018

Since giving all staff access to our wireless connection so they can use the internet on their smartphones, many employees seem to be abusing the privilege. 

Can we implement a policy whereby employees are not permitted to use their phones while working? Can we request that the employees leave their mobile phones in the lunchroom and only use them when they are there?

You can implement a policy that limits the extent to which an employee uses a mobile phone, e.g. to a reasonable level that does not interfere with the employee’s work. It may not be reasonable to direct an employee to leave their phone in the lunchroom as it may not be secure for them to do so.

However, if an employee is observed frequently using their phone, they can be counselled, warned or otherwise disciplined as this would be considered a performance issue.

You can also implement limitations on internet access, such as blocking access to websites like Facebook during working hours.


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