Home - Can we provide over-the-counter medication in first aid kits?
April 30, 2018

Our company operates in remote areas of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We have had multiple requests to supply over-the-counter medications for on-site personnel who become unwell.

What is the law regarding the supply of medications? We currently stock painkillers in our first aid kits.

There may be liability issues if you hand out medication, even over-the-counter medicine, as you’re not licensed as a medical practitioner. If you do stock painkillers or similar medication in your first aid kit, it would be appropriate for a person trained in first aid to administer a suitable dose, and keep a record of the time, place, employee and dosage in a logbook.

Given the remote location of your work sites, you may want to recommend that workers bring their own medication, and keep the painkillers in your first aid kit for emergencies only.


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