Home - Can we reinstate full-time work for a stressed employee?
September 19, 2018

One of our employees requested to work a 9-day fortnight, as she was stressed and found her workload too much to handle. We agreed to the reduction in days and have also reduced her workload.

She has now requested to work full time again, due to financial reasons. We are happy to reinstate the additional day, but it was reduced on her request as she said she was finding it hard to cope.

Are there any legal or underlying issues with increasing her days again?

If the employee has requested this change and you can accommodate it, there is no problem doing so from a legal perspective.

However, you may ask her to make the request in writing to show that the change was her decision, and have a discussion with her about her ability to manage the full-time role. Make a note of this discussion for your records.

You could also explore ways that you could assist her in managing her role, knowing that she has struggled in the past. This might include further training or strategies for things such as how to manage her workload and structure her day.


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