Home - Does casual service count towards service for calculating redundancy pay?
December 14, 2021 on chapter Redundancy and retrenchment

We have a part-time employee whose role will be made redundant in the coming months. We are currently looking at redeployment options, but thought we should also look at calculating the redundancy entitlements in case no redeployment options can be found. This employee was employed as a casual employee for 4 years. They converted to part-time employment a year ago. Do we include the casual service when calculating redundancy pay?

Under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), long-term casuals (who fall within the definition of casual in s15A of the Act) who have converted to permanent employment will not be entitled to redundancy pay and notice of termination for their period of service as a casual employee. Only the period of permanent employment will count for the purpose of these calculations.


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