Home - How does a public holiday affect the parental leave period?
May 08, 2021 on chapter Parental leave

If a public holiday falls during an employee’s paid parental leave (paid by the employer), is the leave period extended by the duration of the public holiday?

The answer to your query will depend on the form of the employee’s paid parental leave entitlement, whether it is through the Paid Parental Leave (PPL) scheme, the Dad and Partner Pay (DAPP) scheme, your workplace parental leave policy, or any applicable employment contract or enterprise agreement.

If the employee is on non-government, paid parental leave as a result of your workplace leave policy, employment contract or enterprise agreement, then this instrument will likely contain the terms of your organisation’s obligation to provide paid parental leave for a public holiday, or whether the public holiday will not be regarded as part of the paid parental leave and the employee will be granted a day off in lieu.


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