Home - Should we wait until a performance review to address poor performance?
March 08, 2013

We have an employee who hasn’t been performing his duties well. How do we approach the issue? This employee has a performance review coming up… will putting the problems to him during the review count as a warning?

You must ensure that whatever steps you take comply with your business’ policies or procedures (if any). If you do not have any current procedures or policies, consider implementing them as a means of lessening your exposure to unfair dismissal or other legal claims.

In this instance, put your concerns to your employee in the performance review and give him an opportunity to respond. You should then consider his response and remind him of the expectations you have of him, and clearly explain what he needs to do to improve.

If his performance continues to be below what is expected, you can issue a first written warning. If performance continues to be poor and you want to move to dismiss the employee, you should provide him with a support person in any dismissal meeting.


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